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Welcome to an all new way of Guitar learning and looking at Guitar Chords.
We have grouped the Guitar chords in an easy to understand sequences -as well as similarity of shape and position on the guitar fret-board.
You will find that there is similarity between E and Am, F and C, for example, with both positions shown together on a page for easy comparison.
Take time out to read the introduction to each Guitar chord section, as it does have useful information and tips on understanding the Guitar chords and how and when to apply them…If you want to be a heavy metal or Guitar rock player you are going to want to use Guitar Power chords, and if you want to be a balladeer you are going to want to use Guitar Barre chords or Suspended chords, etc.

There is a section on Three Chord Progressions – known as the Guitar Three Chord Trick. An essential visual reference for practise, and for Guitar song-writer beginners, as the Three Chord sequences follow in a logical progression which forms the basis of all music.

You do not need to be able to read music or Guitar tablature in order to learn to play Guitar, simply get a Song Book (we of course suggest Andy’ Songbooks for Guitar) that simply have the Guitar lyrics and the Guitar chords above the words in the position and place that you play and change them in –as per the examples at the end of this book. It’s the easiest way to Learn Guitar!

Have fun jammin’ guitar, the rest is up to you!

Wishing You successful practicing

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