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Guitar - Learn How to Play Guitar - Beginner Guitar Lessons - Guitar Center

Pentelbury's Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Vol.1 Welcome You to Guitar Lessons Center! Online Guitar Lessons have been created with the beginner in mind. No previous guitar experience necessary!
With these Beginner Acoustic Guitar online video course guitar lessons, you will acquire knowledge of: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, How to Play Guitar, Guitar Chord , Guitar Tabs, Guitar Notes, Guitar Scales, Guitar Music, Guitar Songs, Play Guitar Songs, Slide Guitar, Finger picking, Guitar Tricks.

These Online Video Lessons brought to you by Pentelbury's Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Vol 1, have been professionally recorded and edited.

Free Acoustic Guitar Lesson for Beginners

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Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners Vol 1 - Guitar Center

The Beginners Guide - How to Play Acoustic Guitar - Pentelbury Guitar Tuition Series Vol. 1 includes: Guitar Chords, finger picking, Guitar strumming techniques and more to start playing guitar. Playing Guitar Songs to practice and perfect. From traditional Guitar Songs to folk, 12 bar Guitar blues and contemporary, we'll show you the basic Guitar Chords that will get you playing on Your Guitar almost any song you like. Step by step, finger by finger movements and diagrams to show you how the guitar chords work and how easy they are to follow. With your first two guitar chords you will be able to start playing your first guitar song within an hour, whether you're a youngster or an adult! There are only seven major guitar chords you need to learn, a few minor and seventh chords in between. It's that easy to start play guitar! This first volume Pentelbury's Acoustic Guitar lessons for Beginners will give you enough information, guitar lessons and guitar techniques to get you playing guitar comfortably in your first few guitar lessons.

acoustic guitar for beginner vol 1

Table of Contents
Lesson   1:   Guitar Introduction
Lesson   2:   Guitar Tuning & different types of Guitar
Lesson   3:   Guitar Neck & Finger Exercises
Lesson   4:   Guitar Chords in:  A/D/E/B7
Lesson   5:   Guitar Song: Hush Little Baby  E/B7
Lesson   6:   3 chord Guitar song to practice
Lesson   7:   Guitar Chords:  C/F/G/G7
Lesson   8:   Guitar Minor & Seventh Chords AM/A7/Em/E7/Dm/D7
Lesson   9:   Song: Knocking on Heaven's Door G-D-Am/G-D-C
Lesson   10:   Guitar Strumming & Picking Basics Part One
Lesson   11:   Guitar Barre Chord Basics or Movable Chords
Lesson   12:   Guitar Song: Leaving on a Jet Plane  D-G/D-Bm-A
Lesson   13:   Guitar Strumming & Picking Exercises Part Two
Lesson   14:   Relative Tuning the Guitar to Itself
Lesson   15:   Introduction to part Three
Lesson   16:   Counting 3 & 4 beats to a bar;  Lesson   17:   Guitar Strumming & Picking Techniques Part Three; Lesson  18:   Different Guitar Types;   Lesson   19:   Guitar Song: Streets of London C/F/G/Am/Dm/Em;   Lesson   20:   Guitar Chord diagrams.

Learn Guitar Songs

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners BONUS: Free E-book: Printable Lessons

E-book acoustic guitar for beginners vol 1
Table of Contents
Lesson   1:   Guitar Song: Hush Little Baby  E/B7
Lesson   2:   Guitar Song: Midnight Special
Lesson   3:   Guitar Song: Knocking on Heaven's Door  G-D-Am/G-D-C
Lesson   4:   Guitar Song: Streets of London  C/F/G/Am/Dm/Em
Lesson   5:   Guitar Song: Leaving on a Jet Plane  D-G/D-Bm-A
Lesson   6:   Guitar Song: Under the Boardwalk
Lesson   7:   Guitar Song: Sunday Morning Coming Down
Lesson   8:   Three Guitar Chords per Song
Lesson   9:   Guitar Song: Finger-picking Patterns;   Lesson   10:   Guitar Song: Everybody's Talkin at Me;   Lesson   11:   Guitar Bar Chords diagrams.

Pentelbury's Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Educational Online Guitar Lessons includes: downloadable, digital course, running time approximately 90 minutes and BONUS: Free E-book with Guitar Lyrics and Guitar Chords.

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