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Guitar - Learn How to Play Guitar - Intermediate Guitar Lessons - Guitar Center

Pentelbury's Acoustic Guitar for Beginners - Intermediate Welcome You to Guitar Center.
In Volume One Acoustic Guitar for Beginners you learnt basics to Play Guitar. Now, in Volume Two Acoustic Guitar Intermediate lessons you can develop you knowledge, Guitar techniques and Guitar Playing skills further with new Guitar Chords and variation on chords you already know. Learn Guitar Bar (barre) chords, diminished and augmented chords, Guitar rifts, Guitar hammer-on techniques, fingerpicking styles and Guitar tips for playing Guitar Folk, Guitar Rock and Guitar Blues - all for Intermediate Beginner.
Understand basics of three chord progressions without having to spend hours learning Guitar Theory. Easy way to Learn Guitar explained step by step.

These Online Video Lessons brought to you by Pentelbury's Acoustic Guitar for Beginner Intermediate have been professionally recorded and edited.

Free Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Intermediate

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Let's begin and have a fun!

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Pentelbury's Guitar for Beginners - Intermediate- Educational Online Guitar Lessons includes: downloadable, digital course, running time approximately 60 minutes, and BONUS: Free E-book with Guitar Lyrics and Guitar Chords.

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners - Intermediate

Guitar Lessons cover Guitar skills, technique and musical theory. It uses both tab and standard musical notation to teach students to master the finger picking techniques, arpeggios, finger-picking, hammering-on and pulling-off, slide, chords and performing basic rhythms to a steady beat.

Acoustic guitar 2
Table of Contents
Lesson   1:  Guitar Introduction
                    Tune Guitar E1st - E6th
Lesson   2:  Chord embellishment E A D
                    for Guitar Song: Midnight Special
                    Hammering down
                    E A D G variations
                    Em Hammer on Guitar Song: Heart of Gold
Lesson   3:  E Chord variations for Guitar Song: Suzanne
                    A Chord for Guitar Song: So Long Marianne
                    Chord embellishment: C F/ C Em Am/ E B7
Lesson   4:  Bar Chords from E position
Lesson   5:  Bar Chords from A position
Lesson   6:  Small bar (barre) Chords: F G A
Lesson   7:  Three Chord Variations
Lesson   8:   Guitar Strumming and Picking techniques
Lesson   9:   Diminished and Augmented Chords

Learn Guitar Songs

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Intermediate BONUS: Free E-book: Printable Lessons

E-book acoustic guitar for beginners vol 2
Table of Contents
Lesson   1:   Guitar Song: Midnight Special
Lesson   2:   Guitar Song: So Long Marianne
Lesson   3:   Guitar Song: Suzanne
Lesson   4:   Guitar Song: Knocking on Heaven's Door
Lesson   5:   Guitar Song: Where Do You Go To My Lovely
Lesson   6:   Guitar Song: Little Darling
Lesson   7:   Guitar Song: House of the Rising Sun
Lesson   8:   Guitar Song: Sound of Silence
Lesson   9:   Guitar Song: Heart of Gold;   Lesson   10:   Guitar Song: Diamonds and Rust 
Lesson   11:   Guitar Finger-picking patterns & exercises.  Lesson   12:   Three Chords per Song.

Wishing You successful practicing

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